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Trust Telearte’s decades of experience in the field of high-end antiques to learn about the extraordinary world of Antiques. Our conductors are always available to show you porcelain, crystal, sculpture, and hard stone objects. Telling their stories is our passion, and it is a privilege to bring them into your homes every day.

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Noteworthy is Ivano Costantini’s experience in the field of antiques, which has made Telearte a leader for more than 30 years in the buying and selling of exceptional works, with a specialization in gold boxes and micromosaics.

Objects that tell stories

Telearte decided to dedicate a special auction to an important art form, gold and micromosaic boxes, fine examples of the link between art, functionality and precious materials. Often the gold boxes were made on commission and given as gifts on important occasions; therefore, they were often decorated with various depictions, including noble portraits.Items from the vertu sector have always fascinated lovers of rare and valuable objects and are now experiencing a renaissance. A perfect blend of history, art, and inventiveness, these small objects were often conceived with a practical purpose: they were small boxes, tobacco or perfume bottles, cigarette cases, or other objects of use. –> Catalog <–
Why is antiques important? Telearte’s history is firmly tied to its ability to select high quality items and offer them to an increasingly diverse audience. The market is increasingly filled with sales of antiques, but it is difficult to recognize which goods are a true investment. In the collection selected for the upcoming March 16, 2022 auction you will find paintings, valuable antique furniture, a rich collection of marbles, and other splendid rarities. –> Catalog <–
What happens when art and nature meet? What you will find in the new catalog we have designed for you: Hardstone and rock crystal carvings, fine silver or ceramic work, and a very large collection of 17th-century Trapani corals. –> Catalog <–


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VINCENZO DI BENEDETTOPresenter and Consultant

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