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The TV dedicated to antiquity

Ancient art collection every day on TV on channel 128

Every day live from 4:00 pm.
Sunday morning live starting at 10:00.

Telearte ancient art collection

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The characters of the Neapolitan Nativity Scene

Monday 12 February at 8.00 pm

You discover!

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Why choose Telearte for your antiques search

Telearte is collecting and antiques. The antique dealer’s shop with Telearte becomes the natural transposition on TV, and now on the internet, of the decades-long experience of a man who has chosen to be one with the selection of precious antique objects of value and antiques and with what they represent, that is, the testimony of a past time, full of meanings that become a sign of conscious change.

Telearte always searches for commercially valid antique objects in the national and international antiques sector, dedicating a lot of care and attention to the needs of our customers: we offer consultancy for acquisitions on everything we offer, managing people’s different investment needs.

Sale of art jewelery and antique collectibles

  • vintage jewelery for the refinement and historicity of the “old-time” style
  • ancient paintings and paintings to be contextualized to make the atmosphere of a historic or luxury residence unique;
  • second-hand luxury watches;
  • jewels and precious stones.

An object can be defined as “antique” when it was created at least 100 years ago; if it was made after 1900 it is considered vintage, while more recently produced artefacts are modern or vintage.

To sell antiques to Telearte you need to bring to our attention what you intend to entrust to us with your evaluation You will need to contact us and send us photographic material. If deemed appropriate, we will conduct an inspection. We operate throughout the Rome area and it is in our interest to maintain absolute Seriousness and Confidentiality. If you are outside Rome, please email us at

Upon agreement (concluded negotiation) of sale, payment with Telearte can be made, after prior arrangement with Customer Service, by cashier’s check, bank draft or bank transfer before or at the same time of collection of the purchased goods. Another system is to have previously started a finance company. Go to the payment methods page here.
It is also possible to make electronic payments by prior arrangement when contacting our Customer Service Department via credit card, NEXI Pay-by-Link and Paypal.


We pay great attention to following each customer in the different phases of acquiring antiques online on TV.

  • Proposals of international interest – we always look for ‘valid’ and ‘recognised’ objects internationally. Antiques for sale.

  • Different payment methods – We meet customer needs with appropriate payment formulas
  • Right of withdrawal – 14 days for TV purchases

Our Customer Service lends itself to being an ‘information desk’ for all customer needs and also simply for clarifications on services and future purchases.


To sensitize and stimulate the public’s attention to viewing objects that speak of art, that tell of stories and lived experience, gratifying and fulfilling the sense of ownership of such relics of past eras.

In a world of increasingly frequent and abrupt historical and social change, where the complex and almost infinite choice granted by the Internet, Telearte wants to offer its support to the customer who wants to bring order to this chaos and collect what the beauty of Antiquity has to offer. The suggestion, fascination of unique antiques and all our experience are in your hands.

A showcase always open on TV. Telearte is present on the television channel at number 128 on digital terrestrial with the new DVB-T2 standard, 7 days a week, 8 hours a day, from 4 pm to midnight. We have been recognizable for this medium for several years now.

In order to stay close to the public while contemplating social changes, Telearte seeks to equip itself with those tools that enable immediate and easy contact to improve dialogues and relationships between company and customer. See online auctions, interactive TV, social networking.

  • A nationwide network;
  • 1500 new foreign customers reached in 2022;
  • A solid channel with a large loyal customer base;
  • Online presence through social networks and h24 streaming;
  • the largest art and antiques dealer in Rome and all of central southern Italy.

Telearte is antiques, ancient art collection, Russian icons, old paintings, art jewelry, vintage fashion and rare antique objects.







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Collectibles and antiques

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