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The “Il Post” writes about the channels of art telesales on TV

Il Post is a free Italian online daily newspaper covering Italian and foreign generalist information. It deal from news to politics, foreign affairs to technology, sports, culture and more. A few weeks ago, a reporter from the newsroom came to visit us to do an interview and write an article on telesales art channels: On some channels on TV there are still people selling artwork In this article, a bit of the history of art and antiques telesales from the 1980s to the present is explored, with all the social, technological, and legal implications that have taken turns over the last [...]

The “Il Post” writes about the channels of art telesales on TV2023-06-12T14:14:03+02:00

Furniture, Porcelain and Vintage – Timed Auction (March 2, 2023 – 8:00 p.m.)

Telearte Auctions' second timed auction is now online! Auctions are increasingly attended by amateurs and collectors from all over the world, and we want to make sure we can meet the needs of all our loyal customers, both Italian and foreign! You will find on the platform Invaluable a timed auction dedicated to Furniture, Porcelain and Vintage The auction ends on March 2, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. More than 300 lots offered without reserve, sign up now! The auction ends on March 2, hurry up! Our catalog is online, only at Invaluable Furniture, Porcelain and Vintageauction deadline on March [...]

Furniture, Porcelain and Vintage – Timed Auction (March 2, 2023 – 8:00 p.m.)2023-05-08T16:37:17+02:00

Vintage model making and toys from the 1960s

True masterpieces of applied art, the toys become witnesses to the discoveries of the positivist era and also tell the story of the transition from craft production to industry: those equipped with movement were the most expensive, some of them definitely reserved for the aristocratic classes. German manufacturers were the first to engineer toys. Model Citroën DS19 1955 vintage tin toys 1960s Model Citroën DS19 1955 vintage tin toys 1960s Object for sale or proposed purchase Rare Citroën DS police-issued model - tin material - is a collector's item, romantic and unique. Production around the 1960s. The Citroën [...]

Vintage model making and toys from the 1960s2023-05-08T16:37:17+02:00


November 30 - December 1, 2022 - 16:00 CEST Rome Only on Telearte Auctions, streaming and all major international Live Bidding platforms, Telearte Auctions is offering for sale an extraordinary collection of silverware and gifts designed just for the advent of the Christmas season. 250 lots divided into two auction sessions, two days devoted entirely to the world of antique and modern silver, with several lots of international significance. Register now and don't miss this appointment. Catalog

Auction No. 20 – SILVER WONDERLAND2023-05-08T16:37:17+02:00

“Timeless Wonder” at the Borghese Gallery.

Featuring more than 60 works from Italian and foreign museums and major private collections, Timeless wonder. Painting on stone in Rome between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. tells, in addition to theambition to eternity Of the works of art, the critical debate Of an era sensitive to the competition between painting and sculpture, and also of primordial materials, extracted from the mines, of their adventurous journey to artists' workshops and up to their place in the collections, which become new venues for these debates, in palaces and villas increasingly rich in furnishings, magnets for the production of luxury goods. Borghese Gallery [...]

“Timeless Wonder” at the Borghese Gallery.2023-05-08T16:37:17+02:00

The porcelain market

In a struggling global market, some sectors are less affected by the crisis, major collectors in Europe and around the world of porcelain, even the most selective and careful ones, do not give up acquisitions of high-level workmanship and rarities at an acceptable price. Let's look in detail at how the market is moving in this particular sector by analyzing the major manufacturing houses. The first hard porcelain in Europe turns out to be a creation of Johann Friedrich Böttger, a German alchemist who, after a long search for the philosopher's stone, was forced by Augustus the Strong to move on [...]

The porcelain market2023-05-08T16:37:16+02:00

Live auctions on our website

Today we offer you an alternative beyond partner platforms for online auctions! A unique live bidding site offering only Telearte signature items. Eight auctions a year, Live and interactive, with a careful selection of unique and high quality objects. On our online auction site we have implemented the ability to manage bids in real time. You will be able to follow our auctions in real time directly and place your bids to win the lots you are interested in. Sign up at auctions, auction fees are reduced to 15% ! Participate online and place your bid! Our team is [...]

Live auctions on our website


What happens when art and nature meet? What you will find in the new catalog we have designed for you: Hardstone and rock crystal sculptures, fine silver or ceramic work, and a very large collection of 17th-century Trapani corals. Find out which item is right for you and register for our auction on our website, a discount on auction fees for you!   Follow Telearte Auctions on September 29 at 4:00 pm, we look forward to seeing you! Catalog

Auction No. 18 – ECLECTIC BY NATURE2023-05-08T16:37:20+02:00
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