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With PayPal you can pay with ease, virtually anywhere and in any way

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With PayPal QR codes, there is no need to handle cash or cards. It’s easy: Open the PayPal app, scan the unique QR code, and you can pay quickly. Plus, you can take advantage of affordable rates.

Make the purchases you need, when you need them, and buy in 3 installments with no interest.*

(‘Pay in 3 installments’ is available for eligible purchases up to 2000€. The amount may be higher for some types of PayPal accounts that meet security criteria. To properly verify your account and for any questions about PayPal, contact from landline 800 975 345 or from mobile network at 06 89386461)

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A loan is a binding commitment that must be repaid and can affect your credit reference. Make sure you are able to repay before making a commitment.

*Pay in 3 installments eligibility is subject to approval. View the
pre-contractual information sheet
and the
terms and conditions
for more information. Financing with down payment required. Available only to natural person clients.
Two-month financing. You have a 14-day period to withdraw from your financing. The creditor is PayPal (Europe) S.à rl et Cie, SCA, 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg.
**Available for eligible purchases. We
terms and conditions apply

The Customer may pay by choosing from the following methods:

Credit cards

Major credit/debit cards upon notice by the Customer to TELEARTE Customer Service.

or otherwise to the telephone switchboard of TV broadcasts.


cash on delivery upon notice by the Customer to TELEARTE Customer Service (06.87911980) or otherwise to the telephone switchboard of the TV broadcasts (06.39744494) or offices (06.81157093)

Pay in installments

payment in installments after opening a loan

Our payment systems include financing to take possession of the desired good, convenient to pay for it in installments. To obtain financing, one must meet some basic requirements, including being between the ages of 18 and 70, having solvency capacity-that is, having a debt-to-payment ratio that is sustainable-and being financially reliable.
To request it, simply make a request to the TV switchboard at the time of booking or contact Telearte’s administration and opening of financing files at 06.87911981 or email

Checks and transfers

Check or bank transfer payable to: TELEARTE S.r.l.

Bank: Banca Popolare di Novara
Account number: 00216/0000006584
Branch Code: ROME AG. 19
IBAN: IT96F0503403223000000006584


Bank: Intesa San Paolo
Current account – 77237/1000/00001110
Rome Branch Via Cerveteri
ABI: 03069
CAB: 05231
COD: 77237
BANK ACCOUNT: 100000001110

Coordinate to be used for Italian operation – IBAN:
IT40 H030 6905 2311 0000 0001 110

Coordinate to be used for foreign operations – IBAN and BIC code (International Address of Intesa Sanpaolo S.P.A.) IBAN : IT40 H030 6905 2311 0000 0001 110

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Today you can also pay remotely, easily and securely with Pay-by-Link.

Pay-by-Link is Nexi’s service that turns the POS into a remote payment tool even when you are not in front of the store manager, no matter what item or service you are buying.

With Pay-by-Link you can make payments wherever you are by receiving a simple link via email or social media (even whatsapp!).

With Pay-by-Link, paying is simple, secure and immediate.

How the Pay-by-Link service works

  1. Buy from Telearte
    Visit the Telearte store, choose the item along with one of our Web Assistants and at checkout choose payment by direct bank transfer
  2. Requesting Payment with Pay-to-Link
    If you decide to pay immediately by credit card and securely with Nexi banking system request payment to customer service or send a message on Whatsapp
    +39 375.5983684
  3. Get a message with a secure link
    Receive a secure link on your email or social media generated with advanced security algorithms managed by Nexi’s banking system;
  4. Pay by credit card
    Proceed with payment by entering your card information.

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