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Telearte’s collection of antique and modern silverware is a synthesis of European and non-European production from the 16th to the 20th century. Italian, English, French, Austrian, Russian, Portuguese, and German silvers are archived in our ever-growing and constantly evolving collection. Whether you are a collector looking for a unique piece for your collection or simply want to give a precious gift to someone you love, investing in precious metals and elegant manufactures may prove to be the right choice.

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Collectible silverware

Telearte has always had a great interest in quality antique silver; it has always selected artifacts of various provenance and manufacture with great passion and expertise in order to offer only the best to its customers worldwide.

Our December 2021 auction was dedicated to an area beloved by many collectors, silver. Auction par excellence of the Christmas season, rich in quality and great variety. The catalog features–among others–exceptional artifacts from the great English tradition, rare objects of Roman, Jewish, and Russian manufacture. –> Catalog <–
November 2022 auction that offered an extraordinary collection of silverware and cadeau designed just for the advent of the Christmas season. 250 lots divided into two auction sessions, two days devoted entirely to the world of antique and modern silver, with several lots of international significance. –> Catalog <–


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