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“In the early 1960s Ivano Costantini moved from Rome to London to join his established antiquarian father and embark on this lifelong experience.

After countless experiences at the international level, in 2000 the company Telearte was founded in Rome, with the intent and mission of introducing and proposing antiques to the general public of commercial television through the instrument of informative telesales.

Furniture, paintings, jewelry, objects and works of art that tell of eras and people. Thanks to the great and deep experience of our staff members, who are proven experts in the field, we are continuously active and looking for business initiatives concerning the art world.”

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A circular micromosaic tabletop with a central round view of St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican in Rome showing the outstretched collonades of the Bernini designed Piazza di San Pietro, the scene framed with a Greek key pattern border and surrounded by twelve more rectilinear scenes of ancient Roman structures. The table’s gilt border is carved on top with double rows of egg-and-dart pattern, and fluted on the sides between four rosettes. The partially gilded pedestal base is composed of three intertwined dolphins, their heads resting upon a tripod plinth with scrolling acanthus feet.

Object history note
Provenance: Ivano Constantini, Rome, 1975.



Round tortoiseshell box, the cover set with a circular mosaic depicting a large rocky mountain supporting wispy foliage, two figures on a road in the foreground and on the right a smaller mountain with structures on top of it. When turned 45 degrees anti-clockwise, the image appears as a man’s face, the foliage forming his hair and eyebrows. Around the border of this image is a French inscription in mosaic.

Object history note
Provenance: Ivano Constantini, Rome, 1975.


30 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione Risultato di traduzione Telearte antiquities – Who we are

Telearte was born as a result of a family tradition of antique dealers. The founder Ivano Costantini grew up in contact with the realities of antique shops, spending his childhood in his father’s business who moved to England. So this passon for the “beautiful” is transferred to television, offering art and antiques that represent history. A close eye is also given to a major topic, valuables.

Today with Telearte, we can boast of running a H24 TV channel, on digital terrestrial at channel 128, where it broadcasts its programming with 12 hours of daily live coverage 7 days a week. Thanks to the publishing group(Sciscione Group) with which we collaborate, we are able to have coverage of about 95 percent of the national territory with our channel, in all regions of Italy (Persidera network operator).

We can count, thanks to this infrastructure, on speaking to the 92 percent of the Italian population that prefers to enjoy the medium of television. Telearte’s intent aims to be the reference in the antique and precious antique trade for this audience. Every day we intend to reach out to people in their homes, offering consistently good proposals and always taking the care and needs of our customers to the forefront. That is why we do not fail to always offer advice on everything related to our presentations, activating services today that are increasingly close to people’s needs.




The carpet business is managed by our expert Reza Taheri. He prefers the production of antique and vintage atelier artifacts and tribal artifacts....



Telearte's collection of antique and modern silverware is a synthesis of European and non-European production from the 16th to the 20th century. Italian, English, French, Austrian, Russian, Portuguese and German silvers are archived in our collection...



In uncertain times as in more prosperous ones, jewelry is seen first and foremost as an investment tool, as well as an object of luxury and aesthetic interest. Telearte looks at the precious market with increasing interest...


Old paintings

Telearte boasts an extensive collection of ancient paintings, with works ranging from the 15th to the early 20th century. With a particular focus oriented toward seventeenth-century Roman painting, this collection has also always been of interest to collectors of gold fund...



Trust Telearte's decades of experience in the field of high-end antiques to learn about the extraordinary world of Antiques. Our conductors are always available to show you porcelain, crystal, sculpture and hard stone objects...

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