Porcelain marketplace

In a struggling global market, some sectors are less affected by the crisis, major collectors in Europe and around the world of porcelain, even the most selective and careful, do not give up high-level acquisitions of workmanship and rarities at an acceptable price. Let’s take a detailed look at how the market moves in this […]

Live auctions on our website auctions.teleartetv.it

Today we offer you an alternative beyond partner platforms for online auctions! A unique live bidding site offering only Telearte signature items. Eight auctions a year, Live and interactive, with a careful selection of unique and high quality objects. On our online auction site we have implemented the ability to manage bids in real time. […]


What happens when art and nature meet? What you will find in the new catalog we have designed for you: Hardstone and rock crystal sculptures, fine silver or ceramic work, and a very large collection of 17th-century Trapani corals. Find out which item is right for you and register for our auction on our website, […]
commesso fiorentino

Marble carving tables

Thanks to the discoveries at Herculaneum and Pompeii, a new chapter in the history of the use of colored marble began in the 18th century: objects were made, especially table tops, which at first constituted real souvenirs or became a source of curiosity for fans of classicism who came to Rome to admire the vestiges. […]
The antique dealer's store - Oreste Da Molin (1880)

Curious figure that of the antiquarian!!!

A merchant destined to deal with a special “commodity”: the evidence of our past, of our own and others’ civilization. On the one hand, he must not fail in his role as a merchant, as an entrepreneur who leads a business and cannot do without the logic of profit; on the other hand, he must […]
Dragonfly Woman Corsage Ornament, c. 1897-98, René Lalique (1860-1945)

Renè Lalique, The genius of “natural” elegance.

*Art Nouveau at the end of the 19th century* Within the general framework of Art Nouveau, which “exploded” towards the end of the last century with a vitality that involved the entire panorama of plastic and applied arts, jewelry represented one of the most congenial forms of expression for the practical application of the new […]
Neapolitan gouache

Neapolitan gouache

* …Nu quadro è luntananza… The technique of “gouache,” or “guazzo,” has always been used in painting, but it is in the landscape genre in the eighteenth century that it yields its most significant results. In Naples it spread from the second half of the 18th century and lasted throughout the 19th century. The technique […]

The “bianchi” Majolica of Compendiary style

The term ‘Majolica’ refers to all those artifacts made from worked and subsequently fired earth. Since ancient times the soils and clays used came from quarries or rivers and were previously treated and purified before use after which the mixture was mixed with other elements according to predetermined doses designed for the material to reach […]

Artist’s repentance

Artist’s repentance or correction is nothing more than the change that the artist makes in the course of the work, in some already executed part of the work itself; it can be discovered by the resurfacing, with the passage of time and especially in ancient paintings, from the deepest and often initial layers of color. […]


Our first jewelry auction wants to be an occasion for Telearte Auctions to demonstrate to its customers and to new ones, that it can be a reference point also for jewels. The catalog of the auction ANTIQUE AND FINE JEWELRY includes 148 very important lots such as Deco jewels and a refined selection of gold […]


History in your Hand Telearte Auctions’ first timed auction is now online! Auctions are more and more frequented by amateurs and collectors from all over the world, and we want to make sure we can meet the needs of all our affectionate customers, Italian or foreign! The Fine Portrait Miniatures auction is dedicated to a […]


Why are antiques important? Telearte’s history is firmly rooted in its ability to select high quality objects and offer them to an increasingly diversified public. The market is increasingly full of sales of antiques, but it is difficult to identify which goods are a true investment. In the collection selected for the auction on 16 […]

Barnebys talks about us

The largest art search engine talks about us and our auctions. Barnebys is not one of the many online auction platforms, no transactions are made on their site, rather it has become a point of reference for the collector.   It was born in 2011 in Sweden and then also established itself in the USA, […]
Auction n. 13

Auction N.13 – Collectors auction

Rome 2 February 2022 at 5 pm Telearte Auctions is pleased to start a new year full of events with an auction dedicated to the most representative sector of its identity, antiques. A select collection of paintings, miniatures, porcelain, sculptures and more. The purpose of this auction is to provide every collector with the opportunity […]
Auction N.12

Auction N.12 – Silver Christmas

Rome December 2, 2021 Our December auction is dedicated to a sector loved by many collectors, the silver one. An auction par excellence of the Christmas period, it’s rich of quality and great variety. In the catalogue you will find – among others – exceptional artefacts of the great English tradition, rare objects of Roman, […]

Auction N.11 – The Boxes Collection

Rome 11 November 2021 Telearte has decided to dedicate a special auction to an important art form, the gold and micromosaic boxes, fine examples of the link between art, functionality and precious materials. Gold boxes were often made on commission and given as gifts on important occasions; therefore, they were often decorated with various depictions, […]

Auction n. 10 – From 16th to 19th Century Old Masters

Preparations are underway for our next auction. We have arrived at number 10 and as you have already seen on our website, in this case we will deal with ancient paintings. We have collected a part of the canvases and tables present in our warehouse and the Management has decided to create a new auction […]


Important collection of Oriental Antiques by an American lady. A selection of pieces from the Indian Sub-Continent through all of South-East Asia to China and Japan. Collection collected during travels throughout Asia, with particular attention to the iconography of the Buddhist world. References to Classicism in the works of the historical area of Gandhara.   […]


Another great appointment signed by Telearte. Important auction of fine porcelain in three rounds: First session – Tuesday 23 March 2021 at 20:00; Second session – Wednesday 24 March 2021 at 20:00; Third session – Thursday 25 March 2021 at 20:00.   Browse the catalog

Collection auctioned January 2020

Auction 7 – date: January 16-17, 2020 Collection auctioned January 2020 We are inaugurating 2020 with the first of a series of Telearte auctions. “Collections at auction” will propose on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 January starting at 16:00, n. 161 lots including porcelain, bronzes, paintings and table and wall clocks. Important: the auction base […]

Mara Parmegiani’s vintage and antique clothes collection

Auction 6 – date: 4th July 2019 Mara Parmegiani’s vintage and antique clothes collection The collection of Mara Parmegiani, historical journalist of fashion and costume, is the result of decades of patient research in Italy and abroad and of diligent studies on the materials that compose it. The collection spans a period of time from […]

Collezione Ferrara Orologi

Auction 5 – date: 12th April 2019 Collections at auction – Ferrara Watches Collection From the collection of Mrs. Ferrara on Friday 12 April 2019 about 61 lots of watches will be on sale. Another unmissable event signed by Telearte.   Auction catalog  

Spring collection

Asta 4 – data: 5 aprile 2019 Spring collection From the collection of Mrs. Ferrara on Friday 5 April 2019, about 250 lots of antique porcelain will be on sale with an auction starting at € 200 per lot. Another unmissable event signed by Telearte. Auction catalog

From zero to a thousand and one nights …

Auction 2 – date: 10 January 2019 From zero to a thousand and one nights … The first Telearte auction that will take place at the new studio. The auction will allow the display of over 300 pieces and in addition other pieces belonging to the Telearte warehouse will also be on display in the […]

Minute Visioni, from Rome to Florence

Auction 1 – date: 10 October 2018 Minute Visioni, from Rome to Florence The first Telearte auction with a rare collection of minute mosaics. Telearte makes its debut in the world of auctions with “Minute Visioni, from Rome to Florence”. A series of boxes, snuff boxes, snuff boxes, press papier and also 2 tables of […]

Telearte’s decorative prints

Medium or small format reproduction of ancient paintings made in watercolor or oil on canvases depicting landscapes, grotesques, places with monuments, fantasy scenes etc. This is the preferred solution for most people who want to pleasantly furnish the walls of any shop, studio, club, hotel or home. Find out how to make your spaces pleasant […]

Coral in jewelry

It has always been believed that coral possesses magical and portentous qualities; it is said that it protects from demons, from negative influences and above all from envy. For this reason in Italy during the fifteenth century, the coral necklace was an indispensable element in the kits of young brides of any social class, as […]

The Shibayama technique

Shibayama is a Japanese town in Chiba prefecture. Shibayama is an art form originating from Japan. It involves lacquering objects with semi-precious materials, in a very particular style. Objects that are generally vases, boxes and cases for katanas. These objects made in the Meiji era *, due to their delicacy and preciousness, are highly valued […]

The history of the Roman micromosaic

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