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  • Coppia legumiere Vittoriane Londra 1898

    Pair of Victorian vegetables London 1898 – A01589

    Pair of silver vegetables Victorian London 1898 Brodbuy rectangular shape with rounded corners, edges decorated with pods, removable lid sockets, total g 3280.

    Our reference: A01589

    Measurements: alt. 12 x 28 x 20 cm.
    Age: 1898
    Origin: England

  • Legumiera argento Londra 1879

    Silver vegetable dish London 1879 – A00325

    Round English vegetable dish in silver with knurled edge and double volute grip, total approx. 1900 gr.

    Our reference: A00325

    Measurements: diam. 25 x height 20 cm.
    Age: 1879
    Origin: London