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  • American liberty tea set – A01299

    5 pcs sterling silver tea set (coffee pot, teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, waste basket), smooth surfaces, American manufacture (weight 2310 gr.).

    Measurements: Coffee pot height 27 cm.

    Age: liberty

    Origin: USA

  • American tea set sterling- A02244

    4 pcs sterling silver tea set (coffee pot, teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl), textured surface, American manufacture (weight 2840 gr.).

    Measurements: Coffee pot alt. 28 cm.

    Age: liberty

    Origin: USA

  • Apostle spoon 18th century – A00230

    Apostle spoon – 4 pcs vermeille silver spoons with apostles with original case G. Dimmer Portsmouth, 18th century

  • Augsburg Brug Locher coffee maker 19th century – A00987

    German silver coffee pot, Brug Locher, Augsburg, sec. XIX

    height 31.5 cm.

  • Barcelona silver tureen, end of 18th century- A00323

    Our reference: A00323

    Dimensions: 12,9×21,6×10,6 in.
    Period::End of 18th century
    Origin: Barcelona

  • Chessboard wood pawns silver Indian scope – A04299

    Chess set made of sterling silver and burnished silver with the ancient lost wax casting technique, Indian pieces. Every single piece is stamped. Chessboard made of finished wood with drawers for pawns accommodation.

    Our reference: A04299

    Measurements: chessboard alt. 7 cm, 42×42 cm. – alt piece max 6 cm.