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  • Alabaster sculpture Saint Anthony of Padua, Italy 18th century – B00072

    Alabaster sculpture Saint Anthony of Padua, Italy 18th century – B00072 depicting Saint with Child Jesus. Work entirely made of alabaster with a base decorated with geometric motifs and a central shell. The sculpture recalls the vision that Antonio had in Camposampiero. This iconography also expresses his attachment to the humanity of Christ and his personal intimacy with God.

    Our reference: B00072

    Measurements: Height 45 cm, width. cm 22 length. cm 22
    Age: 18th century
    Origin: Southern Italy


  • Antique wooden inkwell and silver ‘London 1841’ – BF00269

    Antique boat wooden inkwell and silver London 1841.

    Measurements: Height 10 cm, width. 20 cm, length. cm 33.5
    Age: 1814
    Origin: London

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  • Architectural sculpture arch in lapis 1820 ca – BF00324

    Architectural sculpture depicting an arch or commemorative door in lapis and silver, model of a portal around 1820.

    Measurements: Height 33 cm, width. cm 20
    Age: 19th century

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  • Aventurine holy water stoup box set – AF01187

    Holy water stoup in aventurine with sculpted face, crucifix and golden finishes.

    Measurements: Height 27 cm, width. cm 14, depth. cm 4.
    Age: 18th century
    Origin: Italy

  • Bakelite theater binoculars – A00260

    Bakelite theater binoculars from the late 19th century

    Dimensions: (width 10 cm.)

  • Chalice with gold stones – AF01172

    Hard stone chalice with cabochon stones and pearls gold decoration first half of the nineteenth century.

    Measurements: Height 16.5 cm, diam. cm 12.5
    Period: 19th century
    Origin: Europe

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  • Charcoal foreshortening Piazza Navona in Rome – BF00585

    Charcoal on paper foreshortening Piazza Navona in Rome with the Fountain of Neptune, the sculptural group is depicted with the struggle between Neptune and the octopus in the center and the Nereids with cherubs and horses at the margins.

    Our reference: BF00585.


    Dimensions: height 50×42 cm.
    Age: 20th century
    Provenance: Rome