The largest art search engine talks about us and our auctions. Barnebys is not one of the many online auction platforms, no transactions are made on their site, rather it has become a point of reference for the collector.


It was born in 2011 in Sweden and then also established itself in the USA, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Italy. In Italy, too, their goal is to open the world of art and auctions to everyone, considerably reducing the time needed to search for information for this sector. Blogs and newsletters enrich the high-value services on the art and auction market.

Barnebys is therefore to be considered the suitable tool to navigate the market of the most disparate realities that work around art and the antiques and design market, especially in order not to miss the opportunity to learn about valuable pieces placed in one of the many catalogs of auction on the square.


Barnebys - The splendor of Art, the charm of History
Barnebys – The splendor of Art, the charm of History

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