Telearte is online antiques

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Silver jug and basin
19th-century Spain
Antique silverware.

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An appointment with our live streaming TV
Not the usual things ...

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Telearte's specialty
Antique silver "The skin of the moon"

Millennial history of a precious metal.
Malleable and fascinating, silver has spread since ancient times,
used in everyday objects.

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Great availability in our warehouses
Antiques and collectibles

Antiques are represented by objects that have passed through time which are loaded with meanings and which become a sign of conscious change.

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The Telearte art gallery
Old master paintings
and visual arts

A great tradition that offers painting from the XVI century to the XX century

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Sale of ancient art objects and collections, vintage silverware,
ancient and modern jewelry,

antique furniture, old paintings.
Telearte antiques online is visual emotion

Address and contacts

Our office is near to the Vatican City, about 1.5 km from the Vatican Museums. We are in Piazzale Ammiraglio Bergamini 10, Rome (Italy)
Phone 0039 06.39744494 or 0039 06.87911981
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Experience for over 60 years

Ivano Costantini, founder of this company, has been in the Italian and international antiques market for over 50 years. Telearte’s intent is to be the reference point in Italy and in the foreign market for the trade of antiques, art objects and antique and vintage jewelery.
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We are present 24 hours a day with the live streaming of our broadcasts and informative contents to keep you updated on our proposals and initiatives. For your requests, also contact us on whatsapp or visit our activity on Google
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