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    Still life pair Gaspar Peter Verbrugghen

    December 10, 2020

Still life pair Gaspar Peter Verbrugghen


Artist: Gaspar Peter Verbrugghen

Oil on canvas 95×79 cm

Item: A05386

Period: 1635 – 1681

Provenance: Flemish area

Italian presentation




Gaspar Peeter Verbruggen the Elder[1]


(Anterp, 1635 – Antwerp, 16 April 1681) was a Flemish painter of flowers and garland paintings.[2]

Gaspar Peeter Verbruggen the Elder was baptized in the St. James’ Church in Antwerp on 8 September 1635. His father, also called Gaspar or Kasper, was a gardener who owned a house and a large garden where he grew herbs and flowers. This may explain the young Gaspar’s interest in flower painting.[3] Gaspar was registered at the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke as a pupil of the painter Cornelis Mahu in the guild year 1644-45.[4] Five years later he was registered as a master of the Guild.[3]

He married Catharina van Zeverdonck on 17 February 1658 with whom he had 11 children. After the death of his wife on 24 August 1674 he married Sara Catharina Raeps on 13 June 1697. At the time of his death on 16 April 1681 there were still six minor children alive: Anna Catharina, Marie Isabella, Gaspar Peeter, Maria Magdalena, Petronella and (from the second marriage) Balthasar Hyacint. Gaspar and Balthasar Hyacint became still life painters.[2] He was a successful artist as demonstrated by the fact that his estate included six houses and valuable household effects.[3]

His pupils were his oldest son Gaspar Peeter, Gillis Vinck the younger, Joris Carpentero, Norbertus Beeckmans, Norbertus Martini and Jacobus Seldenslach.[3]

Gaspar Peeter Verbruggen the Elder was known for his flower still lifes and garland paintings. His flower still lifes date from 1654 to 1680.[2]

An important portion of Verbruggen’s output falls into the category of ‘garland paintings’. Garland paintings are a type of still life invented in early 17th century Antwerp by Jan Brueghel the Elder and subsequently practised by leading Flemish still life painters, and in particular Daniel Seghers. Paintings in this genre typically show a flower or, less frequently, fruit garland around a devotional image or portrait. In the later development of the genre, the devotional image is replaced by other subjects such as portraits, mythological subjects and allegorical scenes.[5][6]

Garland paintings were usually collaborations between a still life and a figure painter.[5] Verbruggen’s collaborators on his garland paintings have not been identified but it is believed they included Peter Ykens and Jacobus Ferdinandus Saey.[2] His collaborators painted the figure or figures inside the cartouche while Verbruggen painted the flower garland.

Source: Wikipedia

Gaspar Peter Verbrugghen - A05314


Gaspar Peeter Verbruggen il Vecchio

( Anversa , 1635 – Anversa , 16 aprile 1681)
Gaspare Peeter Verbruggen il Vecchio era noto per le sue nature morte di fiori e i dipinti di ghirlande. Le sue nature morte floreali risalgono al 1654-1680.

Una parte importante della produzione di Verbruggen rientra nella categoria dei “dipinti di ghirlande”. I dipinti di ghirlande sono un tipo di natura morta inventata all’inizio del XVII secolo ad Anversa da Jan Brueghel il Vecchio e successivamente praticata dai principali pittori fiamminghi di nature morte, e in particolare Daniel Seghers . I dipinti di questo genere mostrano tipicamente un fiore o, meno frequentemente, ghirlande di frutta attorno a un’immagine o un ritratto devozionale. Nello sviluppo successivo del genere, l’immagine devozionale viene sostituita da altri soggetti come ritratti, soggetti mitologici e scene allegoriche.

I dipinti di ghirlande erano solitamente collaborazioni tra una natura morta e un pittore di figure.  I collaboratori di Verbruggen sui suoi dipinti di ghirlande non sono stati identificati, ma si ritiene che includessero Peter Ykens e Jacobus Ferdinandus Saey .  suoi collaboratori hanno dipinto la figura o le figure all’interno del cartiglio mentre Verbruggen ha dipinto la ghirlanda di fiori.

Fonte: Wikipedia


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