• With Pay ‑ by ‑ Link
    you can manage your payments even remotely,

    in a simple and secure way.


Today you can also pay remotely, simply and securely with Pay-by-Link.

Pay-by-Link is the Nexi service that transforms the POS into a tool for remote payments even when you are not in front of the store manager, whatever your item or service to buy.

Thanks to Pay-by-Link you can make payments wherever you are by receiving a simple link via email or social media (even whatsapp!)

With Pay-by-Link, paying is simple, safe and immediate.

How the Pay-by-Link service works

1. Buy on this site

Visit the Telearte shop, choose the item together with one of our Web Assistant and at the checkout choose payment by direct bank transfer

2. Request payment with Pay-to-Link

If you decide to pay immediately by credit card and securely with the Nexi banking system request payment to customer service or send a message on

Whatsapp number +39 375.5983684

3. Receive a secure link message

Receive a secure link on your email or social media generated with advanced security algorithms managed by Nexi’s banking system;

4. Pay by credit card

Proceed with the payment by entering your card details